United States Bee Supply Companies: A Comprehensive Guide

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United States Bee Supply Companies


Beekeeping has a rich history in the United States, with several companies standing out for their quality beekeeping supplies and services. In this article, we'll delve into the top bee supply companies in the United States, highlighting their offerings, histories, and commitment to supporting beekeepers of all levels.

Dadant & Sons

Website: Dadant & Sons

Dadant & Sons has been a cornerstone of the beekeeping industry since 1863. As a family-owned business, they are renowned for their high-quality beekeeping supplies and equipment. Their product range includes bee hives, frames, foundation, smokers, and protective gear.


Website: Betterbee

Betterbee is a go-to resource for beekeepers of all experience levels. Alongside a diverse range of beekeeping supplies, they offer educational resources and classes, supporting beekeepers in their journey to success.

Lappe's Bee Supply

Website: Lappe's Bee Supply

With over 40 years of experience, Lappe's Bee Supply is a trusted name in providing beekeeping supplies to hobbyists and commercial beekeepers. They offer an extensive selection of supplies, including live bees and queens, catering to various beekeeping needs.

The Bee Supply

Website: The Bee Supply

The Bee Supply is a comprehensive one-stop shop for beekeeping essentials. They not only provide a wide range of supplies but also offer educational resources and classes, making them a valuable resource for beekeepers nationwide.

Blue Sky Bee Supply

Website: Blue Sky Bee Supply

As a leading supplier in the U.S., Blue Sky Bee Supply stands out for its quality beekeeping supplies and educational resources. They cater to beekeepers of all levels, supporting them with the tools and knowledge needed for successful beekeeping.

Central Beekeepers Supply LLC

Website: Central Beekeepers Supply LLC

Founded in 2011, Central Beekeepers Supply has grown into a thriving business offering beekeeping supplies, tools, protective clothing, honey, beeswax, and more. They pride themselves on exceptional customer service and a passion for beekeeping passed down through generations.

The Bee Supply by Blake Shook

Website: The Bee Supply

Founded in 2016 by Blake Shook and his parents, The Bee Supply is dedicated to helping beekeepers succeed. They offer bees, queens, beekeeping equipment, classes, and personalized hive assistance, making them a valuable partner for beekeepers at any level.

Foxhound Bee Company

Website: Foxhound Bee Company

Starting from humble beginnings in 2012, Foxhound Bee Company has grown into a full-service beekeeping supply company. They offer beekeeping supplies, honey, protective gear, and classes, with a commitment to supporting beekeepers on their journey.

Mountain Sweet Honey Company

Website: Mountain Sweet Honey Company

Mountain Sweet Honey Company is rooted in exceptional honey bees and outstanding customer service. They focus on organic methods, knowledgeable staff, prompt shipping, and eco-friendly practices, making them a top choice for beekeepers nationwide.

Mann Lake Bee & Ag

Website: Mann Lake Bee & Ag

Mann Lake Bee & Ag, founded in 1983, is a leader in quality manufacturing, innovation, and customer service. They offer a wide range of beekeeping products and services, reflecting their commitment to the flourishing of honey bees and beekeepers alike.


United States bee supply companies play a vital role in supporting beekeepers with quality supplies, educational resources, and personalized assistance. Whether you're a beginner or experienced beekeeper, these companies offer the tools and expertise needed to thrive in beekeeping endeavors.


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